This is the Pro-Comfi arcade joystick, designed and made for

Pro gamers who need a little comfort.

Whether that be at home or in competition.







Joystick and button controls are manufactured by Sanwa Denshi, and are considered to be the best in the industry.



The Brook Universal Fighting Board is also held in high regard

within the arcade joystick community due to its flexibility and

feedback,and it will work on a variety of platforms:

  • PS4
  • PS3
  • Xbox One
  • Xbox 360
  • PC
  • Wii U



The case of this joystick has been made using beech faced plywood, which is cut by a CNC router.

The pieces are then glued and pressed together.

They are then hand finished with sanding and a coat of beeswax.

An aluminium plate is then laser cut and added to provide total rigidity as a control panel.

Next, it is taken to be upholstered with foam and vinyl.

After inspection it is then fitted with the controls, board and harness.

Intended for purists there are no turbo buttons fitted on this joystick, only a rocker switch to disable the SELECT/START/HOME buttons.